Decrease total test time

The Hach BODTrak II Apparatus is easy to set up and allows for quick sample preparation for BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) analysis. Simply pour a measured sample of wastewater and nutrient buffer into each of six BODTrak II bottles. Connect the bottles to the instrument’s pressure sensors, select a measurement range, and incubate. User calibration of the instrument is not necessary.

Faster than Dilution Method

Constant stirring in the bottles supplies additional oxygen to the sample and provides bacteria with greater exposure to food. This results in more rapid respiration and consumption of oxygen.

BOD results that are easy to monitor

The BODTrak II Apparatus has a large graphic display that continuously updates results. View the results at any time during the test. The instrument plots a curve of BOD over time. To review the data in detail, simply move a cursor along the curve to display results for any stored data point.

Standalone operation

The apparatus automatically ends the test and stores teh results after the chosen test length of five, seven, or ten days. This eliminates the need to be present when the test is complete.

DO probes and titrations are eliminated

The BODTrak II Apparatus measures BOD using the respirometric method. Each sample bottle is connected to a pressure sensor in a closed system. As bacteria consume oxygen in the sample, the pressure in the bottle headspace drops. This pressure change correlates directly to BOD. By measuring pressure changes instead of dissolved oxygen levels, the need for probes and titrations is eliminated.

دستگاه BOD سنج مدل BOD TRAK II کمپانی HACH

ظرفیت: 6  بطری 492 میلی لیتری

دریفت: < 3 mg/L BOD in 5 days

محدوده اندازه گیری: 0 – 700 mg/L

متد اندازه گیری : Manometric

رابط خروجی داده : RS232

ورن 4 کیلوگرم


BODTrak II Apparatus includes North American and continental European power cords, auto-switching power supply, six bottles, six magnetic stir bars, six seal cups, spatula scoop, BOD Nutrient Buffer Pillows, and potassium hydroxide pellets.